Our Services


Keeping international standards in mind, PTO provides fully automated cleaning machinery to meet the bar set earlier. The facility offers two qualities drive-through cleaning bays. One of the bays is dedicated to foodstuff, offering interior steam and regular cleaning as well as exterior cleaning.

To provide top-notch cleaning facility, PTO has carefully segregated the advantages of acquiring its cleaning services into the following aspects:

  • Management committed to meeting customer requirements
  • Separate bays for food and chemical tanks
  • Superior quality washing at competitive rates
  • Tanks sealed after washing
  • Steam Heating Facilities
  • Internal hose and pump washing
  • Guarantees consistently reliable wash cycles
  • Guarantees wash temperature
  • Specific wash cycles programmed on touch PLC
  • Removes residues
  • Greatly reduces the need for a man in the tank and decreases hidden wash charges
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Risk – free washing allows the customer to utilize equipment to its’ maximum


Realizing the need for rapid repairing of expensive equipment, we make sure that we put extra effort into fixing your requirements timely. Our expert technicians provide a range of major and minor repairs with structural and tank exterior repairs as well as changing of seals and gaskets.

Our high-standard and time coordinated repairing facilities consists of the following:

  • Standard outer shell repair
  • Tank structure/frame repair
  • Changing seal/gasket and parts

Testing & Inspection

PTO inspectors are trained in all aspects of handling ISO tanks whether the efforts require going the extra mile with the safety facility or ensuring cargo integrity at its finest. PTO makes sure to deliver nothing but high-standard services to its customers. Moreover, the work to provide HSE requirements, cargo integrity and/or quantity determination, PTO uses the best practices currently adopted internationally. Our inspection process involves inspecting keenly and an option for elements that ensure the current requirements and standards are met.


Our expertise includes handling and storage of used and empty tank containers. The Maximum storage capacity provided by PTO is upto 9 tons.

  • lift on lift off
  • Yard Management

The facility is strategically located at Port Qasim; which is Pakistan’s 2nd biggest port and provides access for all cargo equipment and through our ability to lift off equipment at our site.

Depot Facilities

The one-stop solution for ISO Tanks, PTO offers cleaning as per ITCO standards. Within two days our dedicated cleaning team provides its exceptional services using modern technology-assisted types of machinery provided to us by Weidner; the cleaning machine operator in the world.

Apart from high standard cleaning services, PTO ensures that the repairing and maintenance services are undertaken by our team of IICL/ITCO certified professionals.

We are the members of ITCO (International Tank Container Organization) and are currently in the process of becoming certified as “Approved Cleaning Station and Repair Depots”.

Depot consists of 8000 sq meters area including washing bay, repair shop, office area, and storage.

Solid fencing around the depot provides the safety and security required for your tanks. The depot area is fitted with external lights & 24 hours’ surveillance CCTV system and armed guards are stationed at the depot gate and building entrance.

Fully automated cleaning system. Waste settlement is put in to septic tank for further incineration by an EPA certified sludge removal company at their facility.

We follow compliance and fully maintain all ITCO standards and methods that meet our customers’ requirements. Being a dynamic and innovative company we are continuously striving to serve our clients better and our Receive & Delivery (R&D) department is actively involved in making tanks in gate/out gate reports as well as storage reports, while the EIR/damage reports are generated by our systems and sent to our customers regularly.